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REQUESTS: Sure, requests are allowed. I can't promise that they'll get filled, but hey, it's worth a try, right? Some things are harder for some than others so make sure your request is detailed. ie: colors, pic, flashies, blinkies etc. Please limit yourself to one request post per week. Keep in mind that you may include more than one request per post.

NOTICE: We also accept requests for website and/or info graphics that exceed the 100x100 pixels! If you are looking for a particular type of graphic, just ask! We'd love to help out!

CUT: If you are posting more than 3 icons, please use the cut feature, graphic intense posts are hell on dialuppers. For the same reason, make sure all large images are behind a cut as well. Also, any sexual content MUST be cut and rated before the cut!

TAKING ICONS: Unless the artist expresses the icons are free for the taking, please ask. Individual icon-makers make their own rules at their own descretion about the use of their icons, so follow their rules. If they ask for you to comment, comment. If they want credit, credit them. Violation of these rules will result in banning from the community.

LURKERS: Not everyone can make icons or have the resources to do so, feel free to look around and grab some icons but please join first! Our members make us!

REMEMBER: The picture must be a .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG. Your file can be 100x100 pixels maximum and 40kb at the most.

COMMUNITY PIMPIN': Advertising OTHER icon communities in this one just isn't cool, man. Actually, community pimpin' of any kind isn't welcome. If you feel the need to get the word out, join community_promo and spread the news.

INDIVIDUAL ICON JOURNAL PIMPING: Is allowed as long as it is accompanied by some icons.

Violation of these rules the first time will result in a warning. If you receive two warnings within the course of two months you will be banned.

MAINTAINER: mancalahour

[if you would like to help us out with layouts for the community, drop me a line!]



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